A Bit About Me: Blogging Openly

Dear Readers,

It. Is. Thanksgiving time! I personally don’t care for the actual holiday of Thanksgiving very much. However, I love the extra time off with my husband, the no school for my older kids, and the Black Friday shopping!

*Tip blackfriday.com has all the ad’s and they post the leaked ones early. All of the ad’s are out at this point, but if you’re trying to become a Black Friday master, I recommend that site for the future. 😉

My day has started off quite nicely. The +1 that I babysit during the week has been a bit fussier than usual today, but I’ve just put her down for a nap and I think she’s already asleep. So woo!

My latest form of income check has cleared and now I have the task of making $120 seem like $300. Ha! I love a good dollar stretch, so it’s a fun challenge for me. This has been the best year for us financially in over 2 years, so I’m not about to start complaining!

Let’s get to it! I’d like to share a bit about why I think openness is so important. “Airing dirty laundry” is one thing, but my particular brand of sharing is something I would label as “Openness”. I’d put personal family matters involving people outside of your immediate and approved circle, using real names and calling people out on their mistakes publicly, gossiping in general, discussing issues you have with organizations and people on a blog prior to discussing it with said people or organizations and other things like this into the “Dirty laundry” category.

Being open about my finances, marriage, family, abuse experiences, and life in general, helps me evaluate like-minded people and find connections in this world! It’s also who I am. I can’t hide anything from anybody about anything. My husband knows every crush I’ve ever had. It’s all over my face if I find a celebrity from a movie we’re watching attractive, I will tell you if I dislike something, you’ll know if I disagree with you, and if I’m upset about something I’m not going to “Hold it in”. Overall and in general, you’ll know what I think about anything even if I don’t want you to.

In addition to openness being a part of my personality, there was also a lot of hiding things, lying to people, and constructing and “Selling” false images to people in my childhood and it left an overall bad taste in my mouth.

We all have relationships with the issues and subjects I discuss. The majority of adult humans have a relationship with sex, money, other humans, family, entertainment, religion, etc. Humanness. I’m just the kind of human who likes talking about all of these things almost all of the time! It helps me discover what I think, who I am, and it helps me understand the same things in others.

I’m also 27, so I think my constant conversationalist mode is how I’m shaping my worldview. I’m an under educated toddler when you look at the grand scheme of things. So forgive me. Or don’t. Whatever.

I’m not going to share every specific detail about my personal life on a blog. That’s also not who I am. I like special and real connections with people and that mean that some things are kept special and “Real” by leaving them to be shared between me and a specific individual. But I am going to share some details because I’m a sharer!

Alright, that’s enough of the word “Specific” for one post. I’m going to get on my Black Friday plans! And my mocha drinking. It’s not going to sip itself, folks!


Lauren of Hildsyshome.com


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