Money Management (How I Spent $120)

Dear Readers,

It’s Friday! Thank God for that. This is a payday Friday for me so it’s particularly welcome. I’m a stay-at-home mom, however, I do bring some income in through a variety of endeavors and projects that I do.

I have 4 children and only 2 of them are in school full time (and I’ve also recently started watching an additional child during the week), so what I do for income in a particular month changes based on what’s going on in my home life and with my children (sick kids, lots going on at school, if I’m taking a class, a busy month, ect).

From month to month my main source of personal income seems to change. A few months this year, it was writing, a few months it was eBay, and now it’s childcare. I also make money selling Avon, taking surveys, using certain apps, picking up the occasional odd job, selling to our local children’s consignment store, and testing products.

I have been (mostly) keeping track of what I make each month, but I am not exactly sure which month my highest earning month has been. I believe it was likely $800 in this past Spring which I made through writing jobs. I did make that again at the beginning of Fall by selling on eBay. I don’t believe I’ve cracked $1000 yet. That’s a 2019 hope!

Before I share the new home of each $1, here are a couple things that effect how I/we manage our income resources.

Married money:

(No judgment to anybody else or how you do things with your s/o. This is just what we do based on our personal belief system.)

In my opinion, my money is my husbands money and his money is my money. It’s all Gods money and it’s a blessing to be trusted with spending it. However, I manage what comes into my personal account, and my husband manages what goes into our shared account. We both discuss what we’re going to do with every $1 and we are both on the same page before any spending occurs. The reason we manage certain things on our own is because I have managed it all before and it’s simply too much for me. It makes life much simpler if we each handle certain things. That being said, it’s all our money to be used for the greater good of our family (there is no “You owe me x for buying x” or “Your bill not my bill” talk in our home).

What I had in mind while spending: 

  • Trying to get out of debt (paying off our van)
  • Rebuilding our savings account (trying to reach $1000 for baby step 1 on the Dave Ramsey plan)
  • Feeding a family of 6 (plus 1 during the week!)
  • Buying Christmas gifts

Obviously, $120 isn’t that much, so I couldn’t do everything. However, I did what I could and I feel pretty good about where I spent!

Balancing the book: 

The $120 that I am managing today is from childcare I’ve been providing during the week.

I had $.99 left in my personal account (um, don’t be jealous), so adding the $120 to that equals (you guessed it!) $120.99. So basically, I’m retired.

Exactly how I spent $120:


– $12 tithe = $108.99

– $12 savings = $96.99

– $11.36 McBreakfast (not bad considering it fed 2 adults, and 3 toddlers) = $85.63

– $5 cash out to use as tip money = $80.63

– $1 for a Christmas scratch off (it was just 1! stop judging me) = $79.63

– $35 to my Amazon account for Christmas gifts = $44.63

– $29.65 grocery order = $14.98

I would typically leave $25 untouched to cover various subscription services we have, however, I know I will be getting paid again on Tuesday so I chose to buy Christmas presents instead. I was concerned one of the gifts I was looking at was about to sell out (and it was almost $10 less than usual!), so I went for it! I am, after all, the self proclaimed Christmas Queen.

I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do with the $14.98 I have left. Buy a second home in the Maldives, perhaps? Rent an elephant as this weekends mode of transportation? Mom jokes folks. Mom jokes. I’ll likely spend it on family time/baking supplies. I am dying to treat myself to some horizon milk (I know, I’m a weirdo! But that stuff tastes so good!), so I’ll possibly be buying a half gallon of that.

Thanks for reading and feel free to follow me on Instagram! I typically follow back with the exception of cam girls, perverts, and very loud political activists 😀 (I enjoy being educated on politics, but stop yelling at me!).


Lauren of Hildyshome ❤


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