Heaviness and Blog Life (A journal of sorts)

Dear Readers,

Life feels heavy, as of late. However, I acknowledge the “First world problem” ness of my complaints, therefore I try not to dwell on them. I know my heaviness is valid. I know my health (mentally and physically matters and is affected by said “First world problem” ness), but I also know that it is temporary and I need to find joy in my now regardless of my circumstances.

As for the blog! It’s going to be a journal folks. That’s what I’ve come to realize I’ve always wanted to be doing with it. I don’t care about making money from it, which was an original intent, but it wouldn’t hurt if somebody bought me the occasional coffee (see button on the side!).

I love connecting with people. I love sharing my thoughts and engaging in conversations. I love being funny, silly, honest, real, and somebody other people can relate their own issues to with hopefulness. I like the things I say to be heard, but I also don’t care if some pervert in Dubai is the only person who hears them (well, I care a little bit … I’d prefer it be a similar to me woman who takes the occasional coffee break to read the latest musing I’ve had … but again, who knows?). My point is, I like writing for many reasons. But the biggest one is for me. Getting a thought, issue, musing, idea, recipe, or daily journal out of my brain and physically kept somewhere is so therapeutic for me.

I’m working on restructuring and cleaning up Hildyshome.com as I write this, so that it has a “Cozy journal” feel to it. I’m not sure what I think about putting my stay at home mom income reports up. I stopped doing that after 2 or 3 of them but they are still some of my most popular posts. *shrugs* We’ll see.

Thanks for sticking with me and for all of the support and love I receive from my instagramfam!

As per usual, the image I used has little to do with the content of this post. I just liked it. Cozy! Courtesy of freeimages.com. Fun fact, I just realized that I didn’t know how to spell “Courtesy”. šŸ˜‰


Lauren of Hildyshome


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