Blog Goals

Hi everyone!

I say that affectionately and hopefully.

I wanted to write today about what HildysHome is. HildysHome is my 2nd major attempt at blogging and currently my main blogging platform. It is named after my cat (you guessed it) Hildy and to be honest I did this because “Hildyshome” sounds way cuter and like me than anything I could mash my name with. It’s Lauren, by the way. Lauren “Shelby” Wilber. Basic white girl name.

I have spent a really long time (I would say years) trying to figure out what kind of blogger I am or what kind of blogger I wanted to be.

Writing is the main draw for me. I love writing. I will write about just about anything for anyone for any amount of money. That is why I have burnt myself out on freelancing and didn’t get wealthy doing it. 😀

For years I thought I wanted to make money blogging, and after really attempting this, I realized that particular type of blogging was not what I really wanted to be doing with my personal blog. I think mom blogs that go after making an income are awesome. I read them and I’d happily write for them. However, I have realized with time, that this isn’t what I want to do.

I love to write, chat, talk, learn, connect with others, etc. I am actually really passionate about what I share on Instagram and the friendships I’ve made on there! In working on my Instagram for this blog, I have found what I really want to do with this blog.

My life is simple, and complex, like any human. I’d like this blog to be about me, my kids, my life, my thoughts. I’d like to really connect with other women and encourage my sisters to be strong, courageous, and hopeful.

I’m an open book about most things, and I love sharing with others. I want to share what’s going on in my life, my marriage, my home, my head, my relationship with God, recipes, budget tips, etc. This blog is going to be a hodgepodge of me and I have no idea what that will look like exactly.

I picture some type of modern-day “Bridget Jones” situation, except with less cussing, no promiscuity, more kids, less British things (only slightly less), and all writing shared publicly on the internet. … So nothing like “Bridget Jones”, I guess.

When I pictured blogging, that is what I pictured doing, but it was contradictory to what I read when reading about “How to make money blogging”. I’ve come to realize I’m a “Creative” type and desperately bad at trying to turn my creativity into a business. Money makes it messy. Don’t get me wrong, I love making money writing. But I don’t want this particular writing space to be about that.

So, in short. Thank you for checking out my blog. You’ll get to know me better over time, and I’ll get to know you. I appreciate every single person who takes the time to read anything I say. So thank you, truly.


Lauren of HildysHome

Find me on social media here. I love to connect! ❤

Yes, the main image on this post is my face. It’s a good face! Why waste it?! … I also stopped paying for commercial use images so … you’ll likely be seeing a lot of my face 😀


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