Self Care and How I do it

As a wise younger version of me once wrote “Life ain’t easy”. … You guys … I was 6. This little tidbit of wisdom still hangs above my grandmothers desk. I’m not sure what prompted this revelation, but boy was I on to something.

Life is beautiful and worth every second of the ride, but as I wrote “It ain’t easy”.

I’m a 27 year old married woman, mom of 4 kids, mom of 3 cats, dog mom to 1, and I’m so tired.

I was actually contemplating no longer telling people “I’m tired” last night, because I have a theory that if I stop saying it maybe I won’t be as tired? I’m also practicing saying what I want out loud as if it is factually going to happen. “I will be do rich one day”, and “I can’t wait to win that $2,000!” are both things that verbally left my mouth this past week. Like audibly, other people could hear it. shrug_1f937 This is me and I make no apologies.

Did I mention I’m also in college and trying to make money from home? Yeah. I’m … not … tired?

Today we took a day off from church. We haven’t missed a day in quite a while and nobody was feeling it this morning. I didn’t feel so hot when I woke up (too much KFC can do that to a person who doesn’t typically eat KFC), and my kids were out of sorts and so was my terrible husband. Just kidding … actually he is pretty terrible, but he’s hot. So that’s something.

I have a lot of studying to do today, but I don’t mind. I’ve reserved today for just that and am prepared to read a lot. And although I knew it was coming up on July and today would be the first, I’m still kind of shocked that it’s here.

… It’s July 1st you guys! How the heck did that happen? All I know is I’m extremely grateful. With every passing day of my time well spent, I get that much closer to achieving my goals (and more specifically, that much closer to my end of year Christmas extravaganza!).

The 2 weeks leading up to Christmas Day are going to be the weeks I allow myself a good solid break! I’m going to bake cookies, and drink coffee, make dips, wrap presents, and praise God for getting through this year. I’ll be just 1 class shy of being half way through my Certificate program, I should have a good bit more of the debt paid down, I should also be making headway in many other areas of my life. I just want to get to that time and soak up time with my family! And it will feel so well-deserved.

But until then, I have to keep going. I will keep working hard, sticking to my schedule, meeting deadlines, growing in faith, etc. It’s a tricky balance between all of my things (faith, kids, school, terrible husband, reading, writing, working, cleaning, etc.) and it’s easy to get caught up in things without listening to myself and what I need (rest!). So I make a point to set aside self care time almost daily. Even if it’s something small (like making myself a nice breakfast, or getting a drive-through coffee) it can make such a huge difference in my outlook for the day.

I’m going to be sharing what I do in relation to self care more often on Instagram and specifically every day this week. Hopefully it will inspire ideas in others!

I encourage you, whoever and wherever you are, to take some time back for yourself. If you find that you’re burnt out, then take the time to recharge. Trust me when I say “IT IS WORTH IT!”.

Life ain’t easy, you guys. Soak up the restful periods and be sure to intentionally carve some out when needed.

That’s my journal for today. I write and talk a lot so be sure to follow me on here (or any of the other social media platforms I’m on) because occasionally I say something important! Very, very occasionally. 😉

Thanks for reading and giving my little space of the internet some of your time. It’s truly appreciated.


Lauren of HildysHome


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