Kohl’s Toy Clearance June 2018

You guys, the toy situation in the clearance section at Kohl’s is real! I didn’t have any extra money to play with at all last weekend when I saw said clearance. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the beauty my eyes beheld! 

First we have a Kohl’s Cares bear for only $2.50! That’s half of it’s usual price and these make great newborn gifts as well as donations! 

Kohls Cares Bear

Next thing I saw was the Disney and Marvel Tsum Tsum toys for $3.19. There were a few varieties, but these were the 2 they had the most of. 

Marvel Tsum Tsum
This is still about $8 on Amazon and on eBay.
Tsum Tusm 3 Pack Disney
This is still about $6.50 on Amazon
Gift Em's Series 2 Blind Boxes
Gift Em’s Series 2 Blind Boxes
From what I’ve seen these are about $5-6 online unless you buy in bulk. Only $1.79 and make great stocking stuffers!
Tsum Tsum Plush
Variety of Tsum Tsum Plush toys. They were each $3.19 and typically go for $6+ online. Plenty of Eyore and Dumbo left!
Animal Jams Light Up Panda
Animal Jam Twinkle Up Panda WITH Light up Ring for only $5.99! It’s at least $10 on Amazon and eBay.
Discovery Rocket
Discovery Propulsion Rocket only $7.99! It’s $12 on Amazon and upwards of $20 on eBay!
Elana of Avalor
Elana of Avalor Doll in Royal Gown for $9.89! It’s about $11-$14 on Amazon
Fisher Price
Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Activity Panel for $8.99! You guys … this is $30 on Amazon!


Trolls Toy
Trolls Critter Skitter Boards only $9.99! This is $12 on Amazon!
Step 2 Coaster
Step 2 Race Away Coaster for $39.99! I haven’t found this exact one online, but the current versions are about $75-$80


Paw patroller
Paw Patroller for $23.99! The only one’s I found on Amazon were $61!
Tsum Tsum
Tsum Tsum Design your Own Plush for $7.99! I’ve found this for about $20 on eBay.

Goodnight Moon for $2.50 and the Bunny from the book for $2.50! Both Kohl’s Cares Brand but make great gifts! 

IMG_6877 (1)



Overall the selection was SUPER GOOD! I’m probably going to go back tonight and see what’s left for my eBay store and my gifting stock. If you read my ToysRUs Haul you know that I like to buy toys to save for kids friends birthday parties. It makes life so much easier when the toy store is in my closest! Ha. 

I’m also a Kohl’s fan and frequent shopper, as featured in my last Kohl’s Haul

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Love Lauren of HildysHome 


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