30 Goals by 30 Years Old – Part 1 – 3 Years to Go

I’m ambitious and tired. Such a stressing combination of things to be.

One month ago, I turned 27. That means I have a little under 3 years until I see my 30th birthday (God willing).

I have been looking forward to my 30th birthday ever since I turned 20! The age is only a number, but it does represent a few things to me.

My oldest child will be 10, and my youngest will be 5, meaning that all of my children will be in school full-time (unless of course, I have more biological children). My husband and I will have celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary (please wish us luck and pray for us as marriage is hard you guys!). We should be 100% debt free with the exception of our home.

I’ve decided to share the first half of my goals list, as I perfect the second half.

Here it is:

1.) Debt Freedom

To be completely honest and open, we have in the high 10’s of thousands of dollars in debt. I’m not a shopper. This came from a bad house decision. We’ve been making decent strides in the last 9 months though and I’m confident that we can have it 100% paid off by my 30th birthday.

2.) Certificate in Biblical Knowledge

I’m currently enrolled at Central Christian College of the Bible and I love it! I’m currently in my second class online and I’m really enjoying it so far (though it is only day 2 of week 1). I’m in a certificate program that most people finish in a year, but because I can only take 1 class at a time, it’ll take me at least 2.

3.) Childbirth Educator Certificate (or Doula Certificate)

I have wanted to become certified in anything childbirth-related since I had my 2nd child in 2014. I’ve even picked the institution and the certificates I’m interested in. It’s a matter of time and money. I would love to use this in a pregnancy crisis setting where I can walk with women and young girls who need encouragement and lack supportive surroundings.

4.) See all 50 U.S States (in addition to D.C)

My current total is 15/51 (when you include D.C)

This is a hefty one and I will not be counting states we simply drive through and don’t explore.

This is my list with strike through’s up to this point:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
District of Columbia

We’ve recently just visited Indiana so only 35 to go! Obviously, Alaska and Hawaii will be the final 2 that I attempt.

5.) Finish a Puzzle

This may seem silly, but I can never seem to complete a puzzle My husband always takes over, or I end up having to put it away for lack of space or the children playing with it. I have 2 puzzles in my possession that are just dying to be put together. All I need is some time, space, and sheer will power.

6.) Attempt the Violin

I’ve wanted to try the violin since I was a teenager. But, surprise, surprise, it’s a slightly impractical gift for a woman with 4 children and no time, so I’ve never gotten one. It’s something I can’t quite seem to purchase (or rent) for myself either, as I know in addition to the instrument I’ll need somebody to teach me (there’s always Youtube, right?)

7.) Run a Marathon

I like to run … indoors .. on a treadmill … in a well air-conditioned space. However, I like trying new things and want to take my running show on the real road! I may be young, but I actually have terrible knees, so before they get any worse, I’m running!

7.1 – Run a 5k

7.2 Run a 10k

7.3 Run a half marathon

8.) Learn a different language (at least a basic proficiency)

I love Hindi! I’ve played around with different languages and what I might like to learn, but after watching so many Bollywood films, I think that’s the one I’m going with. Let me tell you though folks, as a native speaking American English person, Hindi is a hard one to pick up on.

9.) Read 30 books

I would love to read more than this, but I can typically only squeeze about 10 books a year in, but we’ll see!

10.) Attempt the piano

I actually have begun this one! I have a keyboard and play around when I can, but I would like to develop consistency, learn to read music, and play a Christmas song or two (in addition to Hedwig’s theme, of course).

11.) Get my passport

Everybody needs one! A lot of airports seem to be transitioning to accepting only this as a form of I.D. Again, this is a matter of money. If I get a passport, I’m getting one for each of my children and husband. They aren’t cheap!

12.) Celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary!

We will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary on February 15th, 2021. Our wedding was absolutely horrendous so in addition to making it to the actual date, we’re throwing a make-up bash!  A vow renewal and party setting of our choice is what I’m looking forward to.

13.) Write and publish a book (even if I self-publish on Amazon!)

I absolutely love writing and I do it daily. I have a book that I’ve been working on very casually for about a year now and I would love to publish it someday. I’m under no allusion that my first published book will be a work of genius revered by the greats, but who cares?! It means something to me and I would love for even 1 person to connect with my story.

14.) Continue blogging

I’ve blogged on and off for years, but I’ve found something special in HildysHome. I would love to build this community and continue writing in this space for the near and distant future.

15.) Go on a trip with just my husband (even if it’s just 2 nights)

I’ve never been on a plane with my man! We’ve been together for over 9 years, and though we’ve been on planes during that time separately, we’ve never made it on one together. We had children right after we got married and didn’t have a honeymoon, so the extent of our “Vacations” together was a road trip we took to visit my dad the week after we got married. Extremely romantic you guys. Who needs Paris when you have Missouri?


Some of these goals seem small (because they are!). But I work daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals besides these. I have goals for my marriage, my children, and my faith. I have goals for building our family, adoption, and giving. I know those goals, and God knows those goals. But this list is my personal list. As a mom, parent, and all around a busy human, I let a lot of the things that I would like to do go. I let them go and focus on other things that demand my attention. And sometimes, that’s appropriate. But my line of thinking is you live once. One time. We all only get one go here on Earth and as long as God expresses no objections to the goals I have related to personal growth and experiences, then I’m going for it.

I think my favorite verse is applicable here: 

Psalm 90:12

“Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom” 

I would also like readers to know that I am aware of the suffering and pain of the world. I myself am a survivor of child abuse and neglect. In no way do I think my completion of a puzzle is equivalent to assisting an orphaned child home, or contributing to the resolution of the human hunger crisis. However, as I said, I am blessed with the opportunity to set these goals and as long as God provides, I will work on myself as well as help others. We all need to focus inwardly and develop self-care routines along with personal goals, in addition to sacrificing for the greater good.

I’m all about encouragement and lifting others up, so feel free to share your own goals (or blogs about your goals) in the comment section!

I’m also on Facebook, Instagram (my preferred between the 2), and my personal favorite Pinterest. Be sure to follow along for updates on my goals! I talk a lot and I write a lot, occasionally I say something worth retaining. I’d hate for you to miss out! 

Thank you sincerely to those who take the time to read this. I appreciate your support! 


Lauren of HildysHome 


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