Date Night! “Adrift” and my First Alcoholic Beverage (at 27!).

After our long and exhausting family road trip with our 4 kids, my husband and I needed a break. Before I could even ask, my stepmom had already offered to have a sleepover with the kids. Woo! The timing was perfect as I was already trying to figure out a way to leave the kids and see “Adrift” on its opening weekend. I had seen trailers and knew I had to go. I love a good ocean backdrop and Sam Claflin never fails to entertain me.

I bought tickets and off we went! But first? Food! I didn’t want to spend a fortune on dinner but I knew we would want to go out. So we decided on a simple bar & grill type place and shared a starter. In addition to the food, I decided to go nuts and order alcohol for the first time in my life! After consulting my sister VIA text on what she thought I should order, emphasizing that I didn’t want to spend more than $5, and finally asking for a drink menu, I decided on a strawberry limeade.

So what did I think of the drink? Well, my friend, I was underwhelmed. It tasted how nail polish remover smells with the slight hint of strawberry Kool-Aid. I doubt I’ll ever order it again. But, I tried something new! So … go me?

My hubs helped me out and it took us the entire hour we were in the restaurant to sip it down even this much.

What?! We hate to waste. It had to be done. The rest, we rationalized, was mainly water.

Short & Sweet “Adrift” Review: 


I personally loved this movie. I went into it knowing a few spoilers, but I still cried! Typically I have no shame over a good, public, movie theater cry. However, this particular evening I didn’t want to weep like a baby in front of my husband (for whatever reason) so I tried a few of my “Holding back tears” tricks. … They didn’t work. I can usually tell myself “It’s just a movie, totally made up, written by somebody in some studio” or “That actress was in “Divergent” and “Pretty Little Lies”, you know this isn’t real” (which I haven’t seen either of, by the way). But this movie was based on a true story and Shailene Woodley? She was incredible! She was the best part of this movie for me, hands down. I can usually look at a film and say “Oh, that’s an actress up there” or “That’s just a woman acting” but this time? I was looking at it completely believing every bit of Shailene Woodley’s performance. It was so moving and incredible. Sam Claflin was fantastic too, but I feel like it was basically what I expected from him whereas with Shailene I was blown away. So. So. Good. I 100% recommenced it.

(Below is for my fellow budget nerds)

Total spent on the date: $65 (I had a leftover fandango credit which covered about $22 of this, so the rest was dinner and movie snacks)

This is higher than a typical date where we have family provided child care, but we don’t usually do food and a movie, so “Treat yo’self” was the mantra I used as I shared an appetizer with my husband. Unrelated note, we’re now declaring bankruptcy. (Just kidding, we’re actually just using candles now instead of electricity … also kidding … we can’t afford candles).



All jokes aside, date nights are expensive!

Helpful tip:

We only go out about once a month, and the rest of our romantic adventures consist of “Date night in”. 

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Thank you so much for reading and feel free to share what you thought of “Adrift” if you see it! I also love “Date night” tips, so feel free to share in the comments.

With Love,

Lauren of HildysHome


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