Welcome to June!

Thank the good Lord, June is here!

I’m all about chilly weather, crockpot cooking, and cozy socks. But as much as I love Fall (and I’ve even grown fond of Winter) I absolutely loathe spring. The tornado warnings, fights between warm and cold days, not knowing what to wear, too warm for boots but too cool for sandals, none of this suites me. Spring is “not my favorite”, as my children would say.

May was also an incredibly difficult month for me. We had a lot of personal issues with my side of the family that were a great burden and it was my two oldest children’s last month of school so we were busy and I was tired. We also went on a road trip that added over 2,000 miles to our 2006 mini van and had a week full of activity.

So June, you are welcome here!

I start my 1 college class of the summer this Monday (woo!), and my two oldest will be doing a month of summer school.

I’m very excited and ready to get in to this month and can’t wait to blog about it! (I love blogging).

Be sure to follow along for my month ahead. It’ll be a busy one full of study tips, recipes, grocery hauls, clothing hauls, supplemental income reports, side hustles, marriage … stuff, budgeting advice, coupons, freebies, giveaways, reviews, lists, printables, and more!

I write a lot and I talk a lot, occasionally I say something worth hearing/reading. I’d hate for you to miss out.

Follow my WordPress directly or any of my social media for updates. I’m on Instagram and Facebook, and I also have some intense Pinterest game. 😉

Love from your blogger,

Lauren of HildysHome


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