Blogging from Bed! Thoughts from Indianapolis, IN!

It’s morning here in Indianapolis, IN and I’ve checked another state off my list! Woo!

If you follow my Instagram (which you definitely should), then you know I’m on a road trip.

It’s been a great visit. We went to the Indianapolis Zoo, the White River State Park, and a great dinner at our favorite Italian chain Bucca Di Beppo.

By “We”, I mean myself, my husband, and our 4 kids! For some reason I keep telling people I have 6 kids! Then I’m like “oh wait. No. Just 4”. #mombrain?

Besides the fact that the Zoo advertised operating hours of 9-5 online but were actually only open from 9-4 yesterday, I was really impressed! We did a “speed run” of the zoo, and it worked out pretty well. They had great exhibits and the staff was very friendly and informative.

The White River Park was my favorite, for sure. The river walk was so gorgeous and calming.

The river runs through the park and the walk is beautiful. There are things to see along the walk too, besides the river. A couple museums (I believe), and the Native American art museum. I wish we had more time here today because I’d LOVE to see the Native American Art museum. It looked awesome.

The park had bike rentals, Segway tours, and rentals for those things you pedal in the river. You know? Those things. Whatever they’re called. … I’m a “random thought” blogger, not a travel blogger!

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown and it was conveniently located to everything.

Parking was an issue everywhere as it’s a big city and mainly paid garage parking. The true issue with that is that the driver I am with is notoriously cheap and spent many minutes driving around looking to save $1. But no worries! He actually paid more for closer, better, safer parking when we went to dinner. My sweet hubs has evolved! Slowly, but surely. Maybe one day he’ll start buying name brand cereal *crosses fingers*.

I slept so well last night. My hubs brought me my hotel breakfast in bed because he could see I was useless and in recovery mode. I only got 2 hours of sleep the night before our trip and went hard all day! I must’ve slept *does some math* for 10 hours. Absolutely fantastic.

I was starving when my husband brought me food. So all I have is a picture of the remains.

I’m sipping on Earl Grey now (yes, I brought my own k cups with me), and prepping for the day ahead.

We’re headed to Winchester, VA!

Can’t wait! They have a local pizza place that tops all pizza we’ve ever had! Seriously. Look it up. 3.14 is the name. You’re welcome.

I’ll be posting much more in depth reviews of my experiences when we get home. I won’t waste the new knowledge. Good content is king!! Consistency is Queen. And I’m the … jester? 😫

Thanks for reading and be sure to follow! I’m on all the social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest). I talk and write a lot, and occasionally I say something worth absorbing! I’d hate for you to miss out.


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