Budget Shopping! $25 Kohl’s Haul!

I’ve started summer shopping for myself in the last week and let me tell you, working with my budget with as much as I need to buy is tough!

I love a good thrift shop, but the goodwill where we live now is awful (literally you guys, it is about the size of a small convenient store and usually only has about 2-3 toys in the kid’s section with the worst customer service ever). I haven’t explored much further than that and the first item on my shopping list is bras! So … yeah … I started with looking for new *thumbs up*.

Today I was on a strict budget (our road trip is coming up so I’m counting pennies now!). My main goal was to find at least 1 decent bra and anything else would just be a bonus.

With about $25 to spare and coffee in hand (thank you, Jesus, for $.99 refills at Dunkin’ Doughnuts), I set out on a mission!

Bushy-tailed and bright-eyed, I began my journey … with my 4 children … and my husband. Dreams died fast Y’all. Dreams died fast. But no worries! As soon as we realized that our 2-year-old and 4-year-old were not yet tame enough to get through the shopping experience (about 15 minutes in), we took turns! I went out to the car with the kids and watched a movie (thank you again, sweet Jesus, for DVD players in every single Honda Oddesy made past a certain year), and the hubs went on his own hunt!

The Hubs found himself 2 sweet lookin’ button down shirts for $25. Not bad, not bad. And the wife approved *wink*.

Then it was my turn! So, what did $25 get me at Kohl’s today? Not much! But considering 2 of the 4 items I walked away with were a decent bra and a bralette, I’d call it a success.

I started in the very full intimates and pajama clearance sections. I resisted the temptation to spend all of my money on pajamas (thank you, Jesus, for pajamas), and I actuallylooked for bras (one of my least favorite things to buy).

Since all of my pregnancies, I haven’t enjoyed the bra buying process, for a number of reasons. But long story short, boobs change during, before, after, and forever once you’ve had children. You’re welcome.

This bra popped out at me and it was only $9.60! It’s actually very supportive and super cozy. WIN!

This bralette caught my eye first because … it’s basically pajamas. So I cheated a little. It’s a bra, so it still counts! It was only $4.80 and it’s perfect under my pajamas! Love the color too. WIN!

If I had more money to spend today, I would’ve shopped the women’s clearance much more. There was still so much left from winter! Many cute and very inexpensive things were still available. The clearance racks were very full. If you have a bit of extra spending cash and you could stand to buy some fall/winter items, I’d recommend you look at Kohl’s and Old Navy (I just go the best winter sweater there for not quite $4!). 

I grabbed this pink tank/shirt thing because it was $6 and I need some things I can dress up a bit for church and “Business” type events. … You guys … I like pajamas … okay? Have you even SEEN my Instagram selfies? All pajamas. I have so few day clothes that it’s embarrassing.

***Favorite find time!***

My husband can claim this one as he found and bought it for me while shopping for himself. It’s a men’s size small and it fits me so well! I love Doctor Who and I have no shirts or paraphernalia of any kind to rep my love. Bonus, it was only $4.50. MAJOR WIN! (I’m a nerd, okay? Deal with it.)

Overall, not a bad haul. It didn’t take up much of my time or much of our money and I got some things that I legitimately needed. 

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I’m a 27 year old stay at home mom of 4 children, 3 cats, and 1 dog. I’ve got dreams, a husband, and I love to over-share. Welcome to my blog. 😉 

Love your host,

Lauren of HildysHome


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