Easy and Delicious Nesquik Mug Brownie

It’s Thursday night! My husband is at the movies and I’m home with the kiddos. I’m letting my son stay up a bit latter for some mommy-son time. 

As we were sitting here watching “Zebra Gamer” it came to my attention that I was DYING for some chocolate. However, it’s the Thursday before pay day which means whatever is in the house is what I’m eating! So, I had to get creative. As I post more often you’ll realize that getting creative with food (especially on Thursdays) is a regular occurrence for me. 

I wanted a brownie so bad but I’m out of cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and zucchini (more on that delicious combo later). The only chocholate ish thing I had was nesquik.

So what does a 20 something, mid range income, mom of 4, do in this scenario? She turns to Pinterest! 

God loves Pinterest. Did you guys know that? Well, He does. I know these things. 

After typing in “easy mug cake nesquik” and pouring over a mountain of other non-related mouthwatering recipes, I found my match! 

I have (of course), since pinned it and created a board solely for the love of mug cakes which you can see and follow kindly here. 

This recipe was soooo good! My son has already asked me to make him another when he comes home from school tomorrow. 

Here is the original.


  • 4 tbsp flour 
  • 4 tbsp Nesquik
  • • 1 tbsp sugar
  • • A dash of salt
  • • 1/8 tsp baking powder (I substituted with lemon juice and baking soda *see below*)
  • • 3 tbsp oil – (I used vegetable)
  • • 3 tbsp milk (I used skim) 
  • • A couple drops of vanilla (I used imitation) 
  • • Toppings (Optional): chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, etc. 


1.) Mix all dry ingredients in a 6-8 oz mug (I used a 12 oz mug for some odd reason) 

2.) Add wet ingredients over the top of the dry ones and then stir! 

3.) Microwave for 1-1:45 minutes (this is so varied because it depends on how moist and under-cooked you like your batter) 

The tweaks I made: 

  • I didn’t measure with a spoon. I’ve been baking and cooking long enough that I can kind of “Eyeball it” and I believe the “Eyeball” method did in fact cause me to add a smidgen more sugar and a smidgen more nesquik. … oops? *shrugs non apologetically* 
  • I was also completely out of baking powder (but somehow I have 2 full things of baking soda?). I found some tips on substitutes here using the ol’ google, and opted for a couple drops of lemon juice and a pinch of baking soda as my subbing choices. 
  • For both of the mug brownies I made, I chose to microwave them separately at 1:30. This seemed to be the perfect amount of time! I don’t like a lot of liquid left at the bottom of my mug, so if you prefer a tad more uncooked batter, I’d decrease to 1:15. 

As I have already mentioned, the cabinets are close to bare on the day before pay day, so I had few topping options. NEXT TIME I would totally add some nuts (almond slivers would be my preference), and some chocolate chips. Perfection!

Thank you so much for reading, and let me know if you make this too! I’d love to know how it turns out. Be sure to follow for more recipes and pin success!

I’m a hodgepodge of a blog full of random thoughts and ideas, occasionally, I produce good ones! I’d hate for you to miss out. I can be found on most of the mainstream platforms and my favorite is Pinterest. Come pin with me! 

IMG_6146 (1).jpg

Yes, my table has some milk stains on it. I didn’t realize (of course) until the picture was already taken. I blog in REALITY here people. You should join me 😉

Love your host, 

Lauren of HildysHome




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