Welcome to Tuesday!

I’ve been writing so many different long winded blog posts, that I don’t have any current ones up! I have “2 Happiness is” posts I’m perfecting/editing, I have a deeply challenging post titled “How I overcame Child Abuse” that has obvioulsy demanded quite a bit of my “Blogging time”, and I also have a post that is in the works regarding the goals I have to achomplish by my 30th birthday.

Last week was one of the most difficult and challenging weeks of my life and I had very little time to dedicate to the blog or anything that wasn’t the issue demanding my attention. It was pretty rough but I got through and things are settling into a new normal.

Today my plans are loose, but I know what I’d like to get done with the blog, so that’s good.

I just wanted to write a quick “I’m still here” post before I go back to working on the rest.


– Lauren (HildysHome)


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