Malachi the Superhero Orphan Boy

Malachi is an 8-year-old boy who is waiting for a family to love him.

Malachi has many unique needs and will need a lot of attention when he gets home, but his biggest need is a family that loves him.

He has made it this far in life without the care he desperately needs, because Malachi is a superhero. He cannot walk, or talk, or run, or yell, but these are unnecessary abilities when you are gifted as Malachi is gifted. He believes in himself, despite what his surroundings say. The evidence is in his photos, though confined to a crib and institutionalized, Malachi survives.

Though malnourished and anemic, Malachi smiles. Though Malachi experiences neglect, he shows only love to those who see him. Who else do you know that is capable of such perseverance? Would you survive for this long, with such little hope and in the face of so much adversity?


Malachi can change the world, with a simple look and a simple smile. All he needs to grow is a family willing to take him on see past the labels he has been given looking only at his heart and what he IS capable of.

I will warrior for any family willing to step up for Malachi. Any mother who makes Malachi her son has a friend and support system in me always. You can text me his accomplishments, and call me when you worry. You can email me a thousand sweet pictures, and I’ll always remember your need for a good cup of coffee and will continuously support you through dunkin’ and/or Starbucks gift cards.

Malachi is dear to me. He is the first child I ever signed on to warrior for, and I’ve been keeping my eye on him for too long with no family attached to his file.

This year I would love to see that change. Malachi is a blessing, and Malachi is a gift. He has worth and value beyond what the world says. Malachi is a true superhero.

Malachi has a grant which currently sits at $900 and every $1 makes a difference. 

You don’t have to give a lot, to change a lot. Examples: 

$1 = An extra shot of espresso in the much-needed coffee beverage that Malachi’s parents will likely need at the airport

$3 = The first book that Malachi will be read by his new family

$5 = A super cute tee shirt that says something adorable like “Cutest pumpkin in the patch” or “The ladies love me” for Malachi’s mom to put him in on their first trip to the mall

$7 = A kite, a juice box, and a bag of popcorn to take on Malachi’s first family picnic.

$9 = The celebration balloon bouquet that will be waiting in Malachi’s room when he finally gets home

Share, give, pray, and rally around and for Malachi and his future family. I know they are out there.

View Malachi on RR here!


Feel free to message me or comment below any questions you may have. I can connect you with the right people and the right groups if you are interested in helping or adopting the superhero that is Malachi.


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