ToysRUs Haul! The End of ToysRUs

I am one of those parents that will actually miss ToysRUs! We didn’t shop there very often, but it was definitely a part of our family routine. I would say we were in ToysRUs once every season and more during the winter holidays.

Although we spent time shopping and browsing, we often used ToysRUs in the same way our parents and grandparents used the JCP magazine when we were kids. It was where we let the kids develop their “Wishlists” but we rarely made those purchases from there.

Often Amazon and Target are our “Go to” for most toys as they have better prices, more sales, better and faster shipping offers, customer service, and product options. I shopped ToysRUS most seriously on Black Friday (one of my favorite days of the year) but multiple years I experienced items running out much quicker than other online stores and I even purchased items that never showed up!

We got in there before the entire store was 70%+ off, so there was still a decent selection of products. We live on a fairly tight budget, but I happened to have a smidge set back for just such occasions, so I decided to buy a few things. We are pretty minimalist when it comes to toys, but we still buy them and give them so why not get a great deal?!

I only spent $114.51 on everything!

Not bad considering all of the crazy sales hadn’t started yet. Most things were 50% off with some only being 30%.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Anna and Elsa Dolls
DC Super Hero Girls Lego and Doll
DC Batgirl Batjet Chase Lego Set
DC Supergirl Doll
Baby Einstien Music All Around Book
Dress up! Dream Dazzlers Club
A 24ct Box of Crayola Crayons and a Giant Coco Coloring Book
SO many birthday bags!
Kreo Trolls Wooferbug and Shopkins Kinstuction Cotton Candy Stand
3 Waterbottles! (these can get expensive! so this was a favorite find, for sure!)
Tangled Toddler Backpack


I thoughtlessly threw my receipt away, so I don’t have exact prices, but I do know that the only thing that I spent more on than it is currently worth is the Kreo Trolls Woofbug. I paid about $4-5, but it’s only $2.70 on Amazon today! (4-24-18)

I’m sad to see ToysRUs go. We had a lot of special moments in that store, even before our kids were born. We shopped the “BabiesRUs” side for hours when I was pregnant with our first. We walked the boy’s section thinking about what our son might be like. We walked the Lego aisles, shopping for my younger brothers. Sad as I am to see it go, that’s the way of life. But I’m glad we at least got a few great deals. 😉

The water bottles have already been well in use, the birthday bags have already been put into rotation, a couple of the toys have already been given away for the kids friends birthday parties, I know that a couple of these things will be my daughters birthday gifts (trolls woofbug, and dc lego, for sure), the coloring book and box of crayons have already been used up, and my Mags uses the backpack every. single. day. It was a great haul, people! Small, but excellent.

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