Happiness Is: Breakfast with the One You Love

Happy Monday folks!

Today I am starting the beginning of my Monday series called “Happiness is”. I love small talk, chit chat, and beauty in the small. So why not talk about the “Little things” on what tends to be the most difficult day of the week for many of us?

How I feel about Mondays. I don’t harbor a deep, vengeful dislike for Mondays. I like Mondays typically. I certainly prefer “Monday” to “Thursday” (unless it’s a payday week), and I usually feel pretty “Okay” with Monday.

Monday usually starts slow with me feeling energized and ready to take on the days and week ahead. I take care to relax and have fun with my family on the weekends, especially Sundays, and I feel this really helps lift me up going into a new week.

This Monday, I woke up feeling really good. These little moments mean so much to me as I can often struggle with depression. I had a really difficult childhood, I’ve had difficulties in my young adult life, and I’ve had trouble as an adult, so being mindful of the positive is so very important to combating future and current moments of depression.

My husband and I got up together. I had some sweet snuggles with my Mags and then I got the two big kids ready for school. They ate their breakfast and I took care of the babes. After kisses, hugs, and daily prayers (it’s a cheesy life of love I try to live guys, just FYI), the hubs took the kiddos to school and I began to prep our “Super awesome surprise romantic breakfast”. We very rarely skip breakfast in this house, even us adults, but I don’t always prepare a hot one, nor do we adults get the opportunity to eat alone together each morning. So I seized the day!


We dined on delicious vegan bacon, scrambled eggs (brown and vegetarian fed), honey wheat toast with a smidge of organic sunflower oil butter (my mother in law bought this while she was visiting and it’s delicious!) and organic berry jam, and each of us had a cup of coffee and serving of fruit. It was a little “Crunchy”, I’ll admit, but it was oh. so. good.


While we ate, my youngest baby was asleep and our toddler had already been tended too, so she was more than happy to play and watch “Leap” while my husband and I ate. *pray hands* Thank goodness for the occasional easy morning, am I right?

These moments are what life is all about. We work so hard to build and maintain our lives in order to live the little moments we envision. Morning chats over coffee with our loves, babies playing in the background, cozy surroundings full of messes from the children we prayed for, bits of cat hair from the cats we adopted so we could fill our home with more love lingering on the tablecloth trying to catch air and make their way into our coffee mugs … these moments are what motivate us to keep going, even if they are only 15 minutes of our 16 hour long (or more) days which are full of hustle. 

*The couple in my featured image is not us. We are not coffee mugs. It is a stock image from istockphoto.com*


THIS is the best vegetarian bacon I’ve ever had and I prefer it to real meat bacon. I’m not a vegetarian, I just try to avoid too much meat and/or grease as it can make me feel gross.


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