Mornings with Mags: Reflection, Doughnuts, and Paddington

I love my daughter. I adore my mornings with her.

I currently have 2 children at home with me in the mornings and 2 off at school.

Mags is my very precocious 2 and a half year old. She’s one of the most incredible individuals you’ll ever know. In my pregnancy, I sensed she was special. All of my kids are special. But Mags is different. You’ll know when you meet her. Everybody says so. God made her different.

When I felt God tugging on my heart to name her “Magdalene”, I thought “Wasn’t she a prostitute?!”. That’s all I knew. I’m human and have to “Check God” first, like many of us do, so I looked it up. The first thing I read was “The closest woman to Jesus”. Done. Sold. Agreed, Lord. Her name is “Magdalene”.

She changed my husband, who was already a father to our two older children. She was the most different baby we’ve had in many ways. Her love was immediate. This unique, unconditional, pure love imitates from her unlike what you see in others.

Building up my Mags, doesn’t take away from the incredible people my other children are. I mean truly unique and incredible. I’m beyond blessed by my kids and I can’t describe the joy/fear of having such amazing people to raise. Joy in being around their extremely unique and specific talents, and fear of misdirecting their talents, or somehow taking away something from their unique and God-given personality’s in my faulty parenting.

Mornings with Mags are the best. Full of snuggles, funny conversations, Sweet requests for “Nails” (we love to paint nails over here), “Sofia the First” (particularly the Ghostly Gala episode), cute selfies, a few chores, and my (usually) 100% devoted attention to my sweet Mags. My younger daughter Ellie is usually taking her mid-morning nap when we’re spending time together, so it works out well for all.

Today Mags and I had a particularly lovely morning. It hasn’t been just us in a while (spring break, company, good stuff like that) so we relished in the mommy/daughter time. She snuggled with the hubs and I before he went off to work, then we started our morning.

Doughnuts brought home by good ol’ daddy were the special of the morning, along with a few good episodes of “Sofia the First” and eventually the greatest of all children’s films … “Paddington 2”. If you know me, you know that I’m completely obsessed with this movie. Thank God my children also adore it. Mags is no exception. Her and I love yelling “Go Paddington!” at the screen every time we watch the chase scene from Mr. Grubers antique shop, and don’t even get me started on our shared feels regarding any and every Aunt Lucy moment. The tears are real people. I’ve seen this film likely 9 times now and I still cry every. Single. Time. If you haven’t seen this movie, for the love of goodness, see it. It’s beautiful.

Paddington is so precious, unique, intense, moral. and hilarious. Just like Mags. I love that she loves Paddington and I love even more how cute she is saying it in her very enunciated two-year-old way “Padd-ing-ton”.

I hope we get the chance to take all the kids to London one day. We’ve never been either, Josh and I, but it seems like it might be our kind of place. The weather, the Christmas obsession, the Collin Firths and the Tom Fletchers (what’s up McFly USA fans!). The writers, the homes, the food, the coffee. The “Doctor Who”, “Sherlock Holmes”, and “Love Actually”-ness of it all would be too much! I wonder, would the kids develop hybrid accents if we moved there? They already say “Marmalade” with a proper English accent because they’ve only ever heard it said in “Paddington”. Ha! It’s absolutely adorable.

While I was working on my “The Last Jedi” review and my “March income report” today, they still need a lot of editing. But I still wanted to blog. One of the loves of my life was on my mind this evening and I was just wanting to share about her. My sweet Mags.

I’ve struggled a lot recently with finding joy in the chaos of my life. The 4 kids, the marriage, the inching towards 30, the career, the college. I’ve been trying to find a way to enjoy the present, without being stuck in the imperfection. I’ll miss out on everything good and beautiful if I can’t hang in the present. “Bloom where you’re planted”, “Love your life now, not later”, and so on. I’ve been in a deep, dark funk recently and I’m not a deep, dark person. I’m extremely grateful for the joy I found in today, and I want to forever remember my mornings with Mags. I’ll miss them desperately someday when she’s off on her own. I won’t let them slip by underappreciated or undervalued. These are precious moments and I’m thankful for each one.

With Love,



Image credit goes to Istock (love them!)


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