Date Night In! $3 and “The Last Jedi”

My husband and I used to routinely practice “Date night in”. A little takeout, a movie, cards, “Doctor Who”. Many variations of what the kids are now calling “Netflix and Chill”, often minus the “Chill”. We’ve fallen out of practicing this, largely due to the fact that our children are 4 in number and not each one falls asleep when another does, and we are also old and tired. … I’m 26 (going on 73) and my husband is 29 (going on 30). Parenting is hard and we don’t prioritize each-other like we should. Tale as old as time.

Well last night, after weeks of bugging me to watch it, we finally got around to renting “The Last Jedi”. Accompanied by the film were a few leftover pieces of grocery store sushi and $1 cheese doodles. Romance isn’t dead in this house, people!

It cost us a total of $2.98 to have this date night in. … I know, I know “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” and “How frivolous!” must be coming to your mind right now, but remember, you must invest in the bank of your relationship.

Short of an extremely awkward phase in the year 2003 when “Attack of the Clones” was coming out, and I was completely obsessed with “Star Wars” (like I would eat all of the Doritos as fast as I could just so I could rinse out the bag, cut out the promo art, and stick it in my scrapbook levels of obsessed) I am not a “Star Wars” “Fangirl”. I love “Star Wars”, but I don’t read the novels, geek out over the animated show, rewatch the old ones whenever a new one is coming out, or know anything about the many planets or side characters mentioned through-out the films.

I know the main stuff like Darth Vader = dad to Luke and Leia, Anakin was a super whiny teenager/adult/person, light-sabers are a multipurpose device that somebody should really utilize for slicing vegetables, and Jedi and Sith are at odds (something about one using the others stuff and not returning it … I don’t know?). I will not allow my brain to retain anything else. It’s unnecessary and I need that brain space for more important things like “Where is my money?”, “Can I make more money?”, “Do we have enough money?”, “Only buy Cottonelle!” and “Feed the dog”.

Now that you know where I stand on “Star Wars” knowledge, I am honored to share with you, how I felt about “The Last Jedi”.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised! My husband, some family, and the internet (never sought out this one, by the way, it was just shoved in my face), had given me the impression that I shouldn’t expect much and it was full of very odd, pointless, and “non-starwarsy” scenes. While I agree that some of the scenes were silly, out of place, and took me out of the film (sort-of comatose Leia suddenly deciding to use the force and then flying through space with her hand outstretched and then somehow just like … getting in the ship … in a non-airlock area … stupid). But I actually really liked the rest of the movie!

I (mostly) enjoyed the somewhat controversial side story of Finn, and Rose. I liked Laua Derns character (towards the end). I loved Hux, though I did think they shouldn’t have made him into the occasional comedic relief. He’s too great at playing intense and psychotically driven to be so funny and seemingly weak.

Now for my favorite part of the film … Kylo and Rey. I ship them so hard. I had no idea I was going to LOVE this part of the movie so much. I mean I LOVED it. I was flipping out during their fight scene together. Honestly, my poor husband. I was talking, grabbing his arm, semi-yelling at the screen, it was amazing. I’m a decent balance of feelings and logic, but feelings were winning hard during that scene. Woo! The love. The love. *sigh*

But also, Kylo Ren is insane and it would be awesome to see Rey just do her thing and rise above an insane and obviously dangerous relationship choice. However, Poe has love interest potential and I found their introduction scene interesting. My shipping transferred a bit in their moment.

I love Kylo and Rey but Kylo kills people and obviously can’t be trusted. Yes, he works out. But he’s crazy. … I mean what an awkward first Christmas together. “Hey, honey? Kylo, babe? Should we invite your dad to Chrisssss … oh. Right. You killed him. … Dead. He’s dead. … Do you like creamy mac and cheese or baked?” *blink*

I give this an 8/10. The Kylo/Rey scenes really did it for me. They have fantastic chemistry and I’m super invested in seeing how their relationship progresses and ends. My guess is Kylo will die doing something decent for Rey. But who knows? He cray. *shrugs*

Let me just remind everyone that I am no professional critic and I have absolutely zero intention of perusing that form of journalism/writing/blogging.

Now, the good ol’ hubs was a bit disappointed in my reaction (was he literally trying to get me to watch this movie for WEEKS just so I could hate it with him?). But it was still a fun date night. It was only $3 and we only had minor stomach pains from the Cheese Doodles.

Feel free to share your date night in ideas! Always need new ones.









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