8 Year Old Boy Needs a Family!

Seth is an orphan. Seth has special needs. Seth is a child who needs you.

Seth is like any other child. Seth needs birthday parties, clothes that fit, holidays with family, food security, education, medical care, toys, Legos, and more! Seth needs a HOME.


Seth is located in a part of the world that does not look kindly on those with differences, especially those differences which can be considered “Disabilities”.

Many children like Seth become institutionalized as children and are put into unsafe situations living alongside severely disabled and mentally unstable adult men. They are often abused and neglected by their “Caregivers” and shunned by society.

Seth isn’t as bad off as some others, but it is fair to assume that he is not receiving the proper care or love that he needs.

If you’d like to help, but you can’t adopt, no worries! There’s always a need. Here’s a helpful chart:



To his potential family: If you feel Seth might be your son, don’t let lack of funding overwhelm you! I have been involved in fundraising within this incredible community for years! It IS POSSIBLE! I will go out of my way to help whoever brings Seth home. You can expect all I have to give which includes encouraging text messages, help with financial support, soliciting all of my contacts for donations (don’t worry, they are used to it), prayers, encouragement, and my continued encouragement and support long after he’s home.

I love Seth and I am desperate to see him become a part of a family.

I have been keeping my eye on Seth’s page for too long. It’s time he come home and I’m here to help!

Please consider helping Seth and feel free to reach out to me for more info. Seth is featured on the Reece’s Rainbow Adoption Grant website here.

His adoption grant is already over $1000!

Thank you for your time! I plan to blog about Seth monthly. Hopefully, I’ll be fundraising for his family soon!




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