February 2018 Supplemental Income Report – How I Made an Extra $200 Last Month!

February was one of the busiest months of my life. I got the best writing job I’ve ever had (which took up so much of my time), and I also had finals! I only took 1 class, but holy smokes, it was so demanding. Apparently, Bible College is demanding, who knew?

Now, a lot of the hard work from last month (February) will be showing up on my March report. I don’t count my money until it’s actually been given to me. This helps me not get too eager when I’ve started a new job or writing project. Don’t count your eggs before they hatch, people!

Q: Where does my money come from?

A: I take surveys, I ghost-write and freelance write, I clip coupons, and I sell things. I’m also an insanely good budgeter. Honestly, we have 4 kids and live on 1 income, I’m not a financial guru, but I keep us afloat. 

I earn money from a few different places and this is how I have them categorized:

Survey sites: $55.00

Coupons/Credits: $15.49

Selling things: $0

Writing: $148.00

Other: $0

Total: $218.49

When I say “Coupons”, I mean anything that I would have been buying anyway! I make a list, then check for coupons for that stuff. That, to me, is money earned. I took the time to look, clipped it, then saved that money from our budget that we would have spent. That’s an earning in a sense, and I do include it.

“Credits” are things like Amazon cash back (for loading with my debit), or free things from rewards programs. We got a free coffee, free McDonald’s, etc.

“Survey sites” are places like Ipoll.com, Swagbucks.com, and I also include Bing rewards in this category. A decent bit of my Swagbucks earnings come from signing up for trials, and cash back. Some of it does come from actual surveys and watching videos. This month I made $50 off of Swagbucks and $5 from Bing searches.

“Selling things”. I try and make a monthly trip to the consignment store, but I had been so busy that I never made it in. I’m sure I’ll go in April, if I don’t go this month. I also occasionally sell on eBay and Vinted.

“Writing”. I get a lot of my work from Upwork but I also have a local client as well as a contract with an agency (that’s new ;). We’ll see more from this category with the March report.

Is this a replacement for a full-time income? Not yet! But I am in a place where it doesn’t have to be. My husband makes enough to cover our household expenses, but it can be tight! I have hope that we will eventually be able to replace his full-time income with my writing, online sales, and blogging. One small realistic step at a time folks!

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3 thoughts on “February 2018 Supplemental Income Report – How I Made an Extra $200 Last Month!

  1. Great article! How do you get free things from rewards programs? I would love free coffee! Also, have you tried the coupons from MyPoints? I just discovered them and I’m really liking them! I look forward to seeing more of your posts. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I’m working on making more each month, so hopefully the March report is even better!

      We use the apps for just about every place we go that offers one. Ha! Panera rewards, Dunkin’ Doughnuts, Starbucks, McDonalds, Dollar General, etc. The apps either reward your purchases (free coffee and such), or they will give you coupons for free items and discounts.

      I haven’t tried MyPoints! I’ll have to look it up. Haven’t heard of it.

      I also use the Kroger site and load their free coupons to my card. I haven’t used it since we moved, but I believe they still have a free item every Friday. Granola bars, candy bars, boxed side items, etc. It adds up!


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