Goal Setting: Day 1 and the Elusive Day 2

Never give up, never surrender, never let yourself down

Today is another day. If you’re anything like me (you budding entrepreneur, you) then this is Day 1 of MANY Day 1’s you have had in the past. Again, if you’re anything like me, you’ve had many “Day 1’s” that were never succeeded by a day 2. But this is different. Now I know you’ve said that to yourself before because I’ve said it to myself. And I know that it almost hurts to repeat “This is different” to yourself (yet again), but trust me, this is different.

Whether or not you’ve realized it, you’ve had many “Day 2’s” in your lifetime. They just didn’t go as you had planned they would on the preceding day 1’s. Regardless of whether or not you call your day 2 “Day 2”, it is still “Day 2”. It is still the day after you set a goal for yourself, when you were full of hope and ideas for your future, before the reality of what you were trying to accomplish truly dug it’s heels into your soul. It is still the day after day 1.

Something that has helped me begin achieving my goals (and all of the steps that come before them), has been the experience of many attempted “Day 2’s”.


Day 1: “This is going to be the first day of the hardest working week I’ve ever had in my life! WOO! Nothing is standing in my way. Wealth, health, and happiness are all that await me, I’ve just go to go for it!”

For many of us, this leads to a less than favorable performance on day 2. See below.

Day 2: “… Dude … This is going to take forever! … I’ll start again tomorrow, I’m exhausted.”

Day 1 is full of hope, dreaming, and adrenaline. Day 2 is the continuation of working hard towards your goal.

Day 1 is full of hope, dreaming, and adrenaline. Day 2 is the continuation of working hard towards your goal. Day 2 is all about making sacrifices, spending less or more money (depending on the goal), and spending more time on something that’s difficult and less time on something that’s easy. Day 2 has all of the side effects of day one without all of the fun or energy. Day 2 may in fact be one of the worst and most difficult days in  your plan.


Instead of putting the pressure on yourself to have an awesome, incredible, thrilling “Day 2”, make the goal for “Day 2” to live fully and presently aware of what you’d like out of your life. Write down 2 things you’d like to be doing in 1 week’s time and give yourself something to look forward to. Day 2 will come and go, with or without you stressing out about its perfection.


If you don’t want to do what you did yesterday, ask yourself “Why not?”. What is this elusive “Day 2” plan that you’ve been avoiding? Do you go too hard on day 1? Are you afraid to fail, or worse for some, succeed? Are you afraid to leave the cozy “Day 1” box, which is full of hopeful ideas and actually align actions with your words?

What I’ve learned is that no matter what you label a day, it’s still there, ready and waiting to be lived by you. So live it!

Personal struggle:

My current struggle has been weight loss. I aim to stop eating every night at around 8:00PM, to avoid late night snacking calories. I have had many “Day 1’s”, “Day 2’s”, “Day 3’s”, and even longer streaks of this. … and then … we order pizza. Mmmm. Pizza.

But do I give up because of 1 (or 17) slip up’s?! No! Stop labeling your days and just live them. You are living your life now.


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