Top 5 Board Games for Preschoolers! Family Game Night!

Y’all, it’s Wednesday. Which means … it’s family game night!

My house has 4 children and a grumpy husband (just kidding, babe, love ya) and we love game night!

My kids are currently 1, 2, 4, and 6.

For a bit there, finding age appropriate games that we could all enjoy was a little challenging, but I’m proud to say we’ve got quite the selection now.

Below are my family’s current top 5! (Yes, they were consulted on this subject).

1.) Squawk Chicken Game

This is absolutely our “Go-to” right now. It’s completely hilarious! My mom gave it to us for Christmas and we love it! My 2 year even grasps this game fairly well.

Basically, you roll a dice, you press the chicken that number of times, if it doesn’t squawk and lay an egg you move on to the next player, if it does squawk and lay an egg you “Crack” the egg open and let the image inside land on the table, it’ll turn up either an image of a cracked egg (“SPLAT!” as we say) or it will be an image of a chicken. In the case of the chicken, you take a chicken tab from the game board and whoever gets the most, wins. See? Simple.

Here it is on Amazon:

2.) Stinky Pig

This game is too freaking funny. Yes, it’s “Potty humor” the pig toots. But it’s hilarious and the kids love it! This is basically “Hot potato” but with a singing and tooting pig. Great game, we all love it and it’s less than $10!

This game is too freaking funny. Yes, it’s “Potty humor” the pig toots. But it’s hilarious and the kids love it! This is basically “Hot potato” but with a singing and tooting pig. Great game, we all love it and it’s less than $10!

3.) Let’s Go Fishing

I love this game! It is a bit more challenging for my 2 year old, as she likes to hold the fishing rod in such a way that points and grabs a fish directly (HA!), but overall we really enjoy this.

With this game we (hubs and I), are less involved in the playing and more involved in the helping. We take this game opportunity to teach the kids patience and work with them on hand-eye coordination.

This is less than $7 right now! Steal!

4.) Candy Land

Yes! I had to put at least one classic in the mix!

This is super easy to understand and my kids love it!

It’s helpful with color recognition and numbers as well.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who have never played this game. If you are one of those people, with kids or not, I recommend this! It’s silly in a good way and super fun.

Hasbro has also added a few unique editions of this game like “Disney Princesses” and “My Little Pony” which we haven’t played but could add a bit of extra personalization to your game night.

5.) Perfection

One of my personal favorite board games ever. My sister and I loved this as kids. We lived on a farm for a little bit one year and we had no fun cable channels or any kind of game systems at the time, so when it was too “hot/cold/rainy/windy” to go outside, we played this!

For those of you unfamiliar, this is an easy shape game.

You take all of the shapes out of their correct squares, push the game down, and then set the timer. The timer counts down to when the game will POP UP! The goal is to get each shape in the correct square before the timer runs out. This is really fun for the adults involved too and particularly challenging for me. HA! I have only beat the timer on my own a few times. Shh. Don’t tell.

Bonus! It’s only $6 right now. Amazing!

(If you can find it, I totally recommend the classic/older version of this game. Way more shapes!)

Wednesday night game night has been a pretty solid occurrence in our home for the last 5-6 months but it took a while to establish that consistency. So don’t give up if you start family game night and you don’t end up doing it every week. Start small! Scheduling for any family is hard, big and small, but these moments we have together are so important and beautiful.

Make a point in your calendar to try a game night at least once a month. Treat yourself, and your family, to making lasting and great memories. Trust me, when you see your child laughing over the pig toots, or the chicken squawk, it’s all worth it.

Tips on purchasing these games:

While I provided Amazon affiliate links for all of them, it is not always the cheapest place to find these. Right now a few of them are insanely cheap on Amazon, so I would tell anybody (link or not) to go there.

However, on certain days or during certain times of the year they might be cheaper at Walmart or Target so check your prices before you buy. Black Friday or Boxing Day (hey u.k!) for instance, might create cheaper prices. But in that case, I assume Amazon would too.

Also, a lot of these are staples in homes with kids! Check out garage sales and/or goodwill. We found the classic edition of Perfection at our goodwill for a few bucks and it had never even been opened! Score!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Board Games for Preschoolers! Family Game Night!

  1. My mother-in-law got my son a card game called Moose Caboose for Christmas. It says ages 6 and up, but he is five and loves it. I think he would have understood it at four. It may be another one you would like.


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