This Weeks Work-Out Songs!

As some of you now know, I’m getting fit!

I’ve been fit before, so this isn’t a resolution, though I have nothing against resolutions!

I had 4 kids from 20-25, so my body has been through a lot. I’m grateful for my body and love my marks, but I am more comfortable about 10 pounds less than I am right now so I’ve been kicking it into gear.

Lately for work-outs, I just squeeze in whatever I can whenever I can. I’m a stay-at-home mom of said 4 children, and I own zero work-out equipment, and have no gym membership. But trust me, I don’t need those things, this lifestyle is active!

I’m planning on posting a blog about my at home work-outs, but for now I wanted to share the songs that have been getting me moving!

Here are the 5 I plan on rotating between this week:

As you’ll notice, they are all female artists. I’ve been feeling very feminine lately and hearing a woman’s voice cheer me on has been super motivational for me recently. I do indulge in the occasional bout of Kayne West, but that’s not my mood this week!

1.) Ellie Goulding – “Still Falling For You”


First of all, Bridget Jones? Yes please! I don’t care what anybody says, Bridget has been one of my hero’s since I was about 13 years old. Yes, I know, she cray. But I LOVE her. Always have, always will. Second of all, Ellie Goulding is amazing. This song speaks a lot of different meanings to me.  It’s extremely motivational and has been my number 1 go to recently.

2.) Adele – “Send My Love”

Adele period motivates me. She’s such an incredible writer and holy smokes … her voice. She’s so passionate and empowering. I literally feel like I could slay a dragon when listening to “Set Fire to the Rain”, but that’s a different list. HA! This is one of those songs that makes me hyper aware of my body, my age, and things that push me. I love it. Love Adele. Plus, she looks incredible in this video.

“I was too strong you were trembling you couldn’t handle the hot heat rising”

3.) Kimbra – “Top of the World”

This one is by far the most intense song I’ve been working out to this week. She’s intense. I first hear Kimbra in that Gotye song and sort of stumbled upon her new single. It’s super empowering. Very much a “Punch you out” kind of vibe. This has been great for working through some of my anger in work-outs. Honestly. It’s really helped me push through and punch a few demons in the face.

4.) Sia ft Kendrick Lamar – “The Greatest”

I’m going to be totally real with you guys, I have no idea who Kendrick Lamar is. … No idea. **UPDATE 3/20/18** … I now know who Kendrick Lamar is. In my defense, I’m a sheltered mom who never listens to anything that isn’t on “Trolls”. **

I’m sure this song is on MANY peoples work-out playlists. I mean Good Lord, it screams “Run to me!”. It was my “Go-to” today. I think I’ve started to plateau because I felt very little burn even after way too many crunches and this song definitely pushed me to do way too many.

5.) Lorde – “Green Light”

I had a long, drawn-out, addiction to this song for a portion of time in 2017, and now, like an ex who’s randomly texted you, she’s back. I’m not a big fan of the video, honestly. I heard this song watching a scene from “New Girl” last year (yes, okay, yes I watch New Girl sometimes and I know I’m too old!) and I fell in love with it! Again, this brings up a lot of great emotions for me and I love it.


All of these artists (except Sia as of now) have other songs I work-out to, but these are the 5 I’m rotating between this week. I work out in short bursts, so sometimes I might only listen to 2 songs and be done. Like I said, at home mom, busy, etc.

I hardly listen to new music until it’s slammed into my face repeatedly, so I love suggestions! Specifically looking for upbeat work-out music. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments!


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