Low Calorie Breakfast – Sunday Morning Yum!

As none of you know, I am trying to loose some weight. I’ve been working to get the rest of this baby weight (and the baby weight before that) off for a while now. However, this year I’ve really started to buckle down.

I’m working out, watching calories, drinking my V8 (the straight tomato juice … that’s how serious this is), and trying to stop the late night cookie’s in the kitchen routine.

I would like to loose at least 10 pounds to start and then another 5 if I’m very ambitious.

Typically on a Sunday, I have a couple church provided doughnuts and decaf coffee for breakfast, but the crew has been sick so we are at home this Sunday.

I made my hubs some fancy scrambled eggs (cheese, bacon, “The works”), made my kiddos whatever I thought they could keep down (ginger ale and crackers for my oldest), and in true mom form I ate last. Ha!

This is an easy “Go-to” breakfast for me. I’m typically at home in the mornings doing the school and breakfast routine for the family, so I have the time to make myself something decent. For those of you more pressed for time in the mornings, I would suggest you hard boil a few eggs when you have time and then just refrigerate them for future breakfast and snacking.

Side note: Don’t leave you hard-boiled eggs in your fridge longer than 7 days. 5 is the max for me.

What I ate:

  • 1 “Light” english muffin (hy-vee brand) with a little less than a TBL of “butter it’s not” spread on it (toasted)
  • 3 Slices of turkey bacon (hy-vee brand)
  • 1 Hard-boiled cage free brown egg (hy-vee brand)

Calorie total: 275

That’s awesome! It’s not the most perfect breakfast in the world, but it was filling, low calorie, moderately healthy, quick, and cheap!

To put that into perspective, 1 single egg McMuffin has 300 calories in it. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional breakfast treat for me, but I am on a budget and trying to loose weight, so that’s worth acknowledging (especially since Mcdonald’s is so close to my house and not hard to drive-thru on the way home from dropping the kids off).

A sausage McMuffin has 400 calories, and the Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit has 450!

Calorie Break-Down:

  • Bacon = 15 per slice x3 = 45 calories
  • Light english muffin x1 = 90 calories
  • Hard Boiled Egg x1 large = 70 calories (this varies a smidge depending on size of egg, brand, etc. but I can typically count on it being about 70 calories)
  • “Butter it’s not” x1 TBL = 70 calories

Budget-wise, this is also a great option.

Turkey bacon – $3.49 (15 slices)

English muffins – $1.29 (6 muffins)

Eggs – $2.59 (1 dozen)

Total pre-tax = $7.37

Cost breakdown:

Turkey bacon – $3.49/15 = about $.23 per slice x3 slices = about $.70

English muffins – $1.29/6 = about $.22 per muffin x 1 muffin = about $.22

Eggs – $2.59/12 = about $.22 per egg x 1 egg = $.22

So excluding the “Butter” that I already had, the portions in this breakfast only cost a total of $1.14 pre tax! That’s amazing.

So there’s some proof that you can eat fast, healthy, and cheap!

Overall, my experience has been that you save money while loosing weight. You have to think though every food choice a little more than you did before you were counting calories, so you cut back on spending.

I’ll have more of these throughout the week, so look out.

I love seeing what other people are doing, feel free to leave that in the comments!




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