January 2018 Supplemental Income Report!

I was borderline obsessed with looking at other bloggers and freelancers income reports for a good period of 2017. However, it was also a bit discouraging to see some people post “How I made $17,000 this month!” while I was sitting over here like “… I made $17”. Encouraging, and discouraging at the same time.

It’s discouraging in the sense that it can be difficult to see other people with similar skills doing so well, while you have no idea how to even get there. It’s encouraging in the way I see people with similar skills doing so well! Good for them! If they can do it, I can do something similar. Ha!

Quick backstory:

I’m a stay-at-home-mom of 4 kids. My husband works full-time and he’s able to work from home. I am in school part time trying to earn a certificate in Biblical Knowledge and I’m paying cash! We are digging ourselves out of what started at about $68,500 worth of debt. We have no credit cards and live on just cash. I just started taking freelance writing more seriously in the last month.

There’s more to our story than that, but that’s what you need to know to follow my income reports.

A few things to keep in mind:

This was a busy month but I won’t physically receive some of the fruits of that labor until February.
I have been freelance writing for years! I began as that person making $1 for 500 words. Seriously. I’m only just now working on getting my rates up and finding decent work.
Currently, I’ve been getting most of my writing jobs from Upwork. I’ll have a separate post on that this coming week.

I/We earned money from a few different places and this is how I have them categorized:

Survey sites: $55.16

Coupons/Credits: $42.49

Selling things: $20.60

Writing: $93.12 ($19.98 of that was reimbursement, so you could say “$73.14 and a free cup, or simply “$93.12”)

Other: $0

Total: $211.37

That’s not a ton, but it’s nothing to spit at! To put that into perspective, I would have had to work about 25-30 hours at my old retail job to earn that.

Here’s a quick description of each category:

When I say “Coupons”, I mean anything that I would have been buying anyway! I make a list, then check for coupons for that stuff. That, to me, is money earned. I took the time to look, clipped it, then saved that money from our budget that we would have spent. That’s an earning in a sense, and I do include it. $10.50 of that was just from e-coupons clipped from the Grebes site, right before I went to the store.

“Credits” are things like Kohl’s rewards (which I had $10 of), or free things from rewards programs. We got a free coffee, free McDonald’s, etc.

“Survey sites” are Ipoll.com (I made $25.16 off of there), and swagbucks.com (I made $30 off there). A decent bit of my Swagbucks earnings was from signing up for trials (I kept one), and cash back. Some of it did come from actual surveys and watching videos.

“Selling things”. I try and make a monthly trip to the consignment store, but my bin wasn’t that full this trip. It’ll be bigger this upcoming month as I’m clearing the closets out for spring. I made $20.60 off of a pretty small bin. Our consignment store is great.

“Writing”. I am already on track to make more in February as I have a couple repeat clients with consistent work now. Some of the earnings in this period were earnings from jobs earlier in December. I mainly use “Upwork” for jobs, but I have had a local client that some of my recent work has come from.

Is this a replacement for a full-time income? Not yet! But I am in a place where it doesn’t have to be. My husband makes enough for our household. Anything I bring in can go towards savings, debt, and “extra”. It definitely helped alleviate some of the burn from my first school payment. I didn’t need to cut out too much “Family fun” or take-out (which is so helpful because I cook all the time and it’s a big time consumer for me).

I am looking forward to updating these every month. Every $1 counts!

I’ll be posting freelance tips, supplemental income advice, my experience with MLMs, more grocery hauls, and the like in the next few weeks.




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