$17 Cheap Grocery Haul!

I share my grocery hauls with my sister consistently. I figured it was about time I put them on the web so any persons who were actually interested could view and appreciate them.

I am particularly proud of this cheap grocery haul because everything I purchased was paid for by me, using survey money. 

I use a few different survey sites, but the one that facilitated this particular cheap grocery haul was IPOLL. They have a few different redemption options, but I opted for Paypal and it was instant. $25.16, most of which was made in a month.

This was just a mini “Fill in” kind of trip. I’ll do my big hauls this weekend after pay day.

Let me just warn y’all now, I love managers specials. Love them. I purchase at least one just about every time I go to the store. I’m a big bread and bakery gal, so I’m not concerned if the best by date is in 2 days (or even tomorrow in some cases), it’ll be gone before bedtime.

The main things I went in for were milk, eggs, bread, and bananas. I did all of those things, except for the milk. I had a $5 Walmart gift card from another survey site so I had the hubs run over there for the milk instead.

After I got my essentials, I had some wiggle room. Like I said, I had just gotten $25 and was working with about $17.60 of it for some fill in the gaps groceries.

Keep in mind I had some meal things at home already, and had just made a big pot of chili, so we were good in that area, and we only needed about 2 days worth of some extra snacks (I had a few things left from my last mini-haul).

I’ve got 4 kids, aged 1-6, and a decent sized husband. My husband works from home full-time, I work from home part-time and am a full-time homemaker, and only 1 of my kids is in school full-time, so almost all of our meals are eaten at home.

This is a summary of what $17.07 was able to get me at Gerbes: 

Store: Gerbes (it’s called “Kroger” or “Dillon’s” in other states)

Budget: $17.60

Amount Spent: $17.07

Items purchased: 14

  • Dillons wheat bread (not the best stuff, I usually get Natures Own but it was a fill in day!)
  • Simple Truth Organic Snack Popcorn bag of 6
  • Kroger Frozen Pancakes 12 count
  • Psst brand fries (fill in day!)
  • 7 Bananas
  • 1 dozen kroger cage free large white eggs
  • 4 kroger yogurts
  • Box of 16 bakery M&M cookies
  • 3 party pizzas

Managers specials/highlights:

1 dozen eggs, cage free, white  = $1.29

x4 Kroger Yogurts = $.19 X 4 = $.76

Simple truth organic ready to eat popcorn x6 individual bags = $1.79

Box of 16 M&M bakery cookies = $1.49

Overall, it was a fairly good haul considering I could only spend $17.60!






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